Huma Qureshi on Double XL: I was told that I’m Making a Mistake

Directed by Satramm Ramani, the film also stars Sonakshi Sinha
Huma Qureshi
Huma Qureshi

When Huma Qureshi chose to play Rajshri in Double XL, she was warned against the role. "I was scared because my closest confidantes and companions told me that I was making a mistake. And it would be the end of my career," said Qureshi.

Qureshi’s character Rajshri is a nod to her younger self and reminded Qureshi of when she faced criticism for being overweight. “I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. Shooting this film has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life and it only made me stronger and more confident of myself!" she said.

Directed by Satramm Ramani, Double XL stars Qureshi, Sonakshi Sinha, Zaheer Iqbal and Mahat Ragavendra. The film is scheduled to release on November 4.

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