Huma Qureshi Speaks on Breaking Beauty Standards with Double XL and Monica, O My Darling

Double XL and O My Darling will drop on Netflix from November 4 and November 11 respectively
Huma Qureshi
Huma Qureshi

In a media interaction, Huma Qureshi spoke about her upcoming movie Double XL and shared the idea of how weight is equated with beauty and desirability.

"The point of me wanting to produce a film like Double XL was to shatter notions of how weight is equated with beauty and desirability. When I was all set to play a femme fatale, why was I succumbing to the rules made by society and not feeling beautiful in my own skin? I have realised that feeling and looking sexy is not because of the clothes you wear or because somebody weighs a certain weight."

"It's all about feeling confident and believing that one can look glamorous if one feels glamorous. Patriarchy and society conditions us into believing that a girl who weighs a certain weight is not beautiful or glamorous. It's high time we do away with these notions. Also, I felt that since I was from an industry where glamour is an essential aspect of the profession, the message coming from me might help other girls who obsess over their weight, feel differently about themselves", she added.

Qureshi has Double XL and the streaming movie Monica, O My Darling lined up for release. Double XL will stream on Netflix from November 4 onwards, followed by Monica, O My Darling dropping on Netflix on November 11.

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