French Movies on Netflix

Want to discover some gems in French cinema? Check out these French movies on Netflix that will make you wonder why you didn’t experiment with French films sooner.
French Movies on Netflix

Whether you are looking for French movies to learn the language or experiment with international cinema, finding the perfect movie to start your journey through the ‘ça va?’ (how are you?) and ‘je m'appelle’ (my name is…) can be challenging.

Currently, there are many French movies on Netflix that will be excellent forays into the world of French cinema. Stories about climbing Everest for love, living in a room that can grant you everything your heart desires, or even exploring the effects of the lockdown through the lens of French filmmakers are available on Netflix. These French movies stand out for their exquisite storytelling, powerful performances, and the ability to transport us to a culture so different from our own in a way that makes us crave more.

Here are 5 French movies on Netflix that we recommend you get started with:

The Climb (2017)

Would you climb Mount Everest to prove your love?

Samy (Ahmed Sylla) decides to do just that in this adventure-comedy movie. His love for Nadia (Alice Belaïdi) has spanned years, and he feels it’s time to do something about it. Kindness won’t help if the girl thinks you are good-for-nothing, and tall claims won’t either. So Samy sets off on a journey of finding funding to scale new heights (literally) for his love without any formal training. Unless you count going up and down your apartment building stairs as training.

This movie has sweeping shots of Nepal, elegantly capturing the beauty and culture of the region. Samy is a loveable character for whom you will instantly start rooting, and his innocent love for Nadia is touching. The Climb is truly an adventure.

The Room (2019)

When you have access to a secret room that grants you everything you wish for, at what point would you draw the line? Kate (Olga Kurylenko) and Matt (Kevin Janssens) ask for the usual – millions of dollars, high-end outfits, and even an original Van Gogh painting.

Then, they take it a step further and ask for a baby because they have had miscarriages in the past. Once the Room grants them a son, Shane (Francis Chapman), you anticipate something happening to the baby. Well, it does, but also not really?

This movie then takes a turn so twisted you will realise that this French film is more than your average haunted room trope. It exemplifies the grim warning ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ The unique storyline and impressive acting performances will keep you hooked.

Stuck Together (2021)

This French comedy film is a fun take on the pandemic. When everything shut down, and the streets of Paris looked like a ghost town, seven families that stayed in one building fought with each other, cried together, and bonded more than ever.

The building residents include a bistro owner trying to reopen her business, a sports coach struggling with his fitness goals, an accidental influencer, and other unique characters. This film captured the essence of the pandemic in a light-hearted way, without diluting the seriousness of lockdowns. For us, this movie is an interesting alternative take on how COVID-19 affected a different country and culture.

The range of characters and the fleshed-out nature of their quirks and desires will keep you invested in each of them. It’s an easy, charming watch and a great ‘French movie to start with.

Athena (2022)

This French action thriller captures the journey of Abdel (Dali Benssalah), who is determined to find the person responsible for his little brother's murder. Her other two brothers are unsure how this will pan out, mainly because the French police are not cooperating with the investigation.

With expansive locations across Paris, the movie is a visual treat. Right from the start — the opening scene is an 11-minute take of a riot at a police station — the film encapsulates modern warfare with breathtaking cinematography, providing viewers with a visceral experience.

This movie is entertaining, and any history buff will enjoy the social commentary on France’s colonial past.

The Lost Patient (2022)

After a three-year-long coma, the last thing you want to be told is that your family has been murdered. So when Thomas (Txomin Vergez) is told that his parents are not only gone, but his sister Laura (Rebecca Williams) is also missing, he is unsure how to begin processing this information.

This slow-burn psychological thriller delves into repressed memories to find out what actually happened. It’s not your run-of-the-mill thriller with action scenes. It will unsettle you, and if you cannot predict the plot twist, you will enjoy the immersive experience of finding out who the killer is.

The film’s pacing matches Thomas's unrest during therapy. The unfolding of the plot takes us one step forward and two steps back. Convincing performances by Anna (Clotilde Hesme) and Thomas will keep you engaged throughout.

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