Catch These 6 Korean Thrillers on Netflix

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What would happen if a stranger could access everything on your phone? Using this simple but terrifying idea, director Kim Tae-joon crafts a riveting thriller, commenting on our crippling dependence on technology. 

The Call 

Based on the 2011 British and Puerto Rican film The Caller, this film revolves around two women who are separated by 20 years but connected through a phone call. Both attempt to secure a better life for themselves by altering their past and future, until one of them turns into a serial killer. 

Time to Hunt 

Lunging at the opportunity to leave behind a dystopian city and a poverty-ridden life, four friends (including Parasite’s Choi Woo-shik) plan a dangerous heist. Their plan is successful but the group lands itself on the hit list of a deadly hunter.

Night in Paradise 

A mobster (Uhm Tae-goo) hides out in the tranquillity of Jeju island, hoping to ride out the consequences of his violent actions, but the underworld threatens to catch up with him.

Lucid Dream 

After finding no leads about the abduction of his son, a desperate father (Go Soo) turns towards lucid dreaming to find clues. This terrific sci-fi thriller is directed by Kim Jun-sung.

The Drug King

Starring Parasite’s Kang Ho-song and Bae Doona, The Drug King follows a man's meteoric rise as a drug lord in Seventies South Korea.

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