V Trailer Talk: Nani’s Much-Anticipated 25th Venture Shows Promise Of A Good Action Thriller

The cop-criminal trope and the action-thriller genre can never go out of fashion. The trailer of Nani-starrer V, directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti, ticks all the boxes and is filled with stunning visuals of promising action sequences with chases, shoot-outs and combats. 

Sudheer Babu, who plays the cop says: “General ga ilanti psycho lu popularity kosam ilanti panulu chestu untaru” (Psychos like these, generally do these kinds of things for popularity) in a press conference. Nani, with a cold stare with mad glee and twisted laugh, does fit this description. 

The cliche ‘Criminal targets a cop and the cop chases the criminal’ is established. Nivetha Thomas’ character says “Ilanti psycho gallaki mi lanti perunna police officers ni challenge cheyyadam oka kick istundi” (Psychos like these get a kick out of challenging big cops like you) and the cop says “Nuv intha sarada paduthunte nenenduku kaadanali?” (If you are so excited about this, why should I deny this?). We get glimpses of murders, dead bodies, blood and investigations. There are multiple slow motion shots of jumping, kicking, bullet firing and falling down, all to a rousing yet intriguing background score. 

Aditi Rao Hydari, who was part of the director’s Sammohanam, plays an important role in this film too.

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