Kota Factory × Aspirants: Looking At The Character Parallels, Film Companion

Kota Factory and Aspirants both capture the emotional turmoil people undergo while they prepare for competitive exams. While Kota Factory revolves around the lives of students who are aspiring for IIT, Aspirants is based on the hardships and sacrifices people endure to achieve their goal of becoming an IAS officer. Rajendra Nagar and Kota: both cities are home to success and shattered dreams, holding the ecstasies of pain and pleasure one undergoes to fulfil one’s ambitions. Here are the parallels between characters in both shows:

1. Sandeep Bhaiya × Jeetu Bhaiya

Jeetu Bhaiya and Sandeep Bhaiya, though hailing from entirely different backgrounds (one a physics teacher for students appearing for the IIT entrance and the other a senior UPSC aspirant), are intertwined by the word ‘Bhaiya’. The way both of them helped the people who sought guidance from them was praiseworthy. While Jeetu Bhaiya motivated Vaibhav instilling inner-faith and self-belief in him, Sandeep Bhaiya awakened Abhilash’s conscience by persuading him to introspect about his ambition of becoming an IAS officer. Jeetu Bhaiya and Sandeep Bhaiya weren’t themselves successful in achieving their goals, but they never failed to act as a driving force, fuelling the dreams of those who relied on their counsel.

2. Vaibhav × Abhilash

Vaibhav and Abhilash both served as symbols of many aspirants through their perseverance and grit. Vaibhav’s journey from A10 and A5 of Prodigy to A1 of Maheshwari and Abhilash’s journey from a hopeless aspirant to an IAS officer weren’t easy. They were filled with demotivation, failure, sacrifices (of their true love) and self-doubt; yet what made both of them endearing to us was their plucky attitude to overcoming all the hurdles on their path to success. Though Abhilash accomplished his ambition and Vaibhav is yet to achieve his ambition, both of them are an inspiration to many students and aspirants of real life for their hard work and dedication.

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3. Meena × SK

Meena and SK won our hearts through their benevolence and the unrequited support they provided to their friends. While Meena went out of his way to devise weird, funny ideas to help Vaibhav cope with the struggles he faced in his new life in Kota, SK motivated Abhilash whenever he gave up on himself through his poetic verses. Meena and SK’s sense of responsibility and dedication towards their unfulfilled dreams will forever embed them in our hearts and we all yearn for a friend like them in our life, who does justice to the line, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

4. Uday × Guri

Uday and Guri are each representative of that one frisky friend in every group who himself never studies but never fails to light up his friends’ mood on gloomy days by motivating them. Both Guri and Uday were way ahead of their friends in terms of love and relationship. While Uday had Meenal, Guri had Pragati. Though at times their words weren’t paid much heed to and labelled gibberish, without their exuberance their friend groups are incomplete. We really wish to have friends like Uday and Guri, who acted as anchors for their friends in their times of despair.

Kota Factory × Aspirants: Looking At The Character Parallels, Film Companion

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