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I tuned in to the movie Maqbool for Tabu, whom I admired in movies like Kandukondain Kandukondain and Chandni Bar. It was then that I fell in love with the performer in Irrfan. But at that point in time, I never knew that there would be a movie that would make this actor with a no-nonsense attitude an ultimate romantic hero for me.

It takes an actor of brilliant calibre to steal the limelight from the protagonists in a story that is essentially about the bonding between a father and a daughter. But Irrfan makes it look so effortless in Piku. The chemistry he shares with Deepika Padukone is so natural and charming.

Irrfan just lived Rana. He shows what a charmer he is just through those magical eyes. Watch out for the scene where he refuses to start the journey until Piku (Deepika Padukone) sits in the front seat. It will leave you in splits. I wish we got to see this pair more. A glimpse of his sense of humour was seen in movies like Life in a… Metro, but the charming romance here was all we needed.

The longing for each other is expressed just through the glances they share throughout, without putting anything to words. There was absolutely no need for words either. Their bonding develops so organically. He helps to realise her wish to drive and stands up for her against the tantrums of her father. It’s like Piku finds that side of her that got hidden somewhere in all the responsibilities. Rana gives Piku a sense of liberation and just lets her be herself. These are the moments that make the movie all the more special.

Rana is the whole package any girl would look for. He is witty, friendly, supportive, loveable and, above all, he listens. And Irrfan captures all these emotions like no one else. A shout-out to Shoojit Sircar for showing us the Rana in Irrfan. Movies like Qarib Qarib Singlle and Hindi Medium followed, but Piku remains more personal. And so does his departure.

We miss you, Irrfan, always and forever.

Irrfan As Rana In Piku: A Romantic Hero We Never Knew We Needed, Film Companion

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