Raj Batra In Hindi Medium: A Character and Performance As Simple As Irrfan

From making us teary-eyed to making us laugh out loud, Irrfan truly lived the role of Raj Batra
Raj Batra In Hindi Medium: A Character and Performance As Simple As Irrfan

When we see a great actor on the posters of films, we as viewers get a minimum guarantee to enjoy the film, at least during the screen time of this actor. One such artist was the late Irrfan Khan. In a career spanning over 30 years, Irrfan has portrayed over 90 different roles. Out of these multiple roles, Irrfan's role of Raj Batra in the 2017 movie Hindi Medium made me think of the range he possessed as an actor.

Irrfan had the ability to pull off any character with ease. Be it an intense character role or an extremely humorous comedian, Irrfan did it with perfection. In the film Hindi Medium, he portrayed the role of a boutique owner, who along with his wife tries his best to get their daughter an admission to a prestigious English-medium school. Irrfan's portrayal of Raj Batra was effortless and just brilliant. His mannerisms and dialogue delivery, as well as his expressions, were so perfect that he made the audience feel the emotions of the character. He embodied the character so well that another actor could not be imagined in the role. From being able to deliver humorous dialogues with a straight face, to delivering an emotional as well as bold monologue that is a commentary on the perception of English in today's era, Irrfan left his mark. His brilliant portrayal of Raj Batra made many viewers empathise with the character. From making us teary-eyed in instances where he struggles to get his daughter an admission, to making us laugh out loud in instances where he delivers a humorous punch, Irrfan truly lived the role of Raj Batra. Irrfan's effortless portrayal of this character is what makes Raj Batra and the film Hindi Medium special for me.

It indeed is a difficult task to be able to portray characters of different shades in different films. However, Irrfan had portrayed many different types of characters with such ease. His filmography is definitely a textbook for many aspiring actors. His untimely demise has created a big void in the film fraternity. More than his films, what many individuals will miss is the man himself: he had been such a down-to-earth man that his loss feels personal. His sense of humour, wittiness, characteristics and personality are things that every individual used to look up to. Irrfan was an artist who never flaunted the amount of money he earned. He led a very simple life. Irrfan will continue to live on in every movie lover's minds, through his filmography. He was a legend and will be missed deeply. To have his legacy live on, let us all revisit his films and be mesmerised each time we see him appear on the screen.

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