Shah Rukh Khan took just One Take to Deliver the Monologue in Jawan

Jawan was released in theatres on September 7
Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan
Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan delivers a hard hitting monologue in the climax of Jawan where he urges citizens to think carefully before they vote. Sumit Arora, who wrote the dialogues of Jawan, has revealed in an interview with Indian Express, that Khan took just one take to deliver the whole monologue. Arora said, “The way Shah Rukh sir delivered the lines! He did it in one, full take! I don’t think we did another take also. Sir did ask if we should do another, but Atlee was so impressed he said, ‘Sir we got it.’ It was just beautiful.”

Arora also shared his process of writing the monologue and figuring out how Khan's character Azad would explain the reason behind his actions. He said, “It was the whole finger juxtaposition, with raising questions and voting. Once I cracked that ‘ungli’ concept, it was like we can do the monologue, we need to express what Azad has been doing so far and what he wants to say to the people. But how will he say it? What will be the tool he will use to express himself? I thought about it for days and then I finally cracked the ungli idea, I felt it was a good connection that you raise finger to ask question and also to vote.”

Arora also added that the scene was an incredibly important one in the film, and had to be written in a balanced manner so that it didn't get boring for audiences.

Jawan was released in theatres on September 7. The film is directed by Atlee and stars Khan. Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead roles.

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