Is SRK's Jawan a Political Film?

Tatsam Mukherjee

Towards The End Of Atlee’s Jawan (2023)

Shah Rukh Khan solves democracy. Or so it seems, given the chatter around his final monologue in the film.

Khan As Azad

Sitting inside a prison that is effectively his home; surrounded by electronic voting machines (EVMs) that he is using to hold the government to account — exhorts his audience to be more discerning with their votes.

He Says That

People ask questions before buying a mosquito repellant or a bike. “Then why aren’t we equally demanding of our political leaders?” he asks in a speech that is broadcast to every available screen in India.

Rajabali Told Film Companion

“A political film not just uses a social issue as its premise, but also provokes the audience by giving insights about the mechanism of why problems like injustice and corruption continue in our society,”

Vetrimaaran Said

“Even if a small percentage of the audience looks deeper in the right direction, it’s a small good in this ‘creative’ money-making business,”