Shah Rukh Khan says he went bald in Jawan for This Reason

Jawan was released in theatres on September 7
Shah Rukh Khan Jawan
Shah Rukh Khan Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan sported a bald look for the first time in Jawan, and his appearance generated quite a strong reaction from audiences and the actor's fans. In a recent interview with IMDb, Khan was asked about his initial reaction when he was told he had to sport a bald look in the film.

Khan revealed that it was out of laziness that he decided to go bald in the film. The star said, “Just to explain it, it was never part of the script. It was a part of the get-up that was part of the script. I just chose the bald look out of laziness. I said, ‘Yeah, then I don't have to wear 2 hours of this makeup. Can I just go bald?’ So I think it came out of that. I had reservations because I showed the promo to some friends and they were like, ‘Oh no! It looks very scary. Girls won't like you.’ So I hope girls like me. I hope girls like bald men. I like bald girls."

Jawan was released in theatres on September 7. The film is directed by Atlee and produced by Gauri Khan under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner. Jawan stars Khan, Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi in the central roles with a special appearance by Deepika Padukone.

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