Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan called This Jawan Actor his Dance Teacher

Jawan released in theatres on September 7

Shah Rukh Khan's film Jawan is breaking every record at the box office since its release on September 7. Actor Priyamani, who is part of Khan's team in the film, has revealed some interesting facts about her equation with him. Priyamani has worked with Khan earlier in the song 'One Two Three Four' from Chennai Express (2013).

The actor told Connect FM Canada in an interview, that Khan refers to her as his dance teacher. Priyamani shared, that when they began rehearsing for the song 'Zinda Banda' from Jawan, she was supposed to dance behind Khan.

However, when Khan arrived on the set, he looked for her and insisted that she dance next to him in the song. Khan reportedly told the choreographer Shobi and director Atlee, that she has been his dance teacher since Chennai Express and added that if he forgot his steps, he would look at her and catch up. Priyamani also said that during the shoot, Khan would ask her to explain how she was doing the movements.

She mentioned that Sanya Malhotra danced to Khan's right and she to his left in the song because he wanted it that way. She added that he was diligent about rehearsing the steps and made sure he kept practising till got them right.

Jawan is directed by Atlee. The film was released in theatres on September 7 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages.

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