Kay Kay Menon on Love All: It will feel like you are watching an international match

Directed by Sudhanshu Sharma, the film releases on August 25
Kay Kay Menon
Kay Kay Menon

Kay Kay Menon, who is all set for the release of his upcoming sports drama film Love All, said that there are no visual effects in the badminton scenes of the movie, and one will feel that they are watching an international match.

Talking about the film Menon said, "This is a story of a father and son, and a middle class family. The story focuses on badminton, which has been presented in a very reliable manner. The actors in this movie are actual sportspersons, who are representing India at national and international levels. There are no visual effects in the badminton scenes in the movie, and you will feel like you are watching an international match."

Speaking about the preparations and the role, the actor shared, "I did the normal preparations, whatever is required to present a person. I am playing Siddharth Sharma. I have imbibed his characteristics."

Director Sudhanshu Sharma said, "there would have been difficulties if we had used visual effects, because this movie has players who are representing India. So, they don't require any special effects, they themselves are special effects. There are long rallies, where the camera is not even cut. So we didn't require any tricks, and special effects in this movie."

Elaborating on the title of the movie, the filmmaker added, "Whoever is attached to the sports activities, and understands racket sports, they know that whenever the umpire starts the game he says: Love All Play. It is for Lawn Tennis, Badminton etc. That means the score is 0-0, and the game is starting from here."

"The philosophy behind this title is that sports makes us learn that even if you have failed in the game, life gives you an opportunity to love all," he said.

Featuring Menon as Siddharth, Shriswara as Jaya, Siddharth’s wife; Ark Jain as Aditya, Siddharth’s son; and Swastika Mukherjee as Soma. It also features Sumit Arora, Deep Rambhiya, and Mazel Vyas in pivotal roles.

Love All releases in theatres on August 25.

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