Kay Kay Menon on his Next love All: It’s a film for kids but Adults will learn a lot from it

Directed by Sudhanshu Sharma, the film releases in theatres on August 25
Kay Kay Menon in Love All
Kay Kay Menon in Love All

In a recent media interaction, Kay Kay Menon who will next be seen in Love All, shared that he feels that there is a lack of good cinema on the big screen and because streaming audiences have been able to see good content.

Talking about Love All, he said, "If you love cinema, I feel our film is for you. There is a lack of good cinema on the silver screen. Because of many OTT channels, audiences are able to watch good content now. It is for the first time that badminton as a sport is showcased in a film. Badminton is the star of our film. This film is a must for the kids and I feel adults will also learn a lot from it."

Sharing about the importance of sports in the lives of the children, he said, "I feel kids should be given open grounds. The outdoors is a must for their life. Else it becomes problematic. Today kids are busy with their electronic devices and it feels bad that they are not loving to play outdoors. I am happy that the government has made sports education compulsory in schools today. Sports teaches us how to balance life. It teaches us how to accept win and lose in the game of life."

The actor further added, "I have always been playing some sports in my life and I feel till the time I die, I will continue to play sports for sure."

Love All is a sports drama that focuses on the importance of sports in the lives of children. The film is directed by Sudhanshu Sharma and features Menon, Swastika Mukherjee, Shriswara and Robin Das. The film is all set to hit the cinemas on August 25.

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