Dhanush-starrer Captain Miller won’t be a two-part film

Captain Miller will hit theatres on December 15
Captain Miller
Captain Miller

According to an IANS report, Tamil star Dhanush’s upcoming film Captain Miller will be a single part film. There were rumors surfacing around the film that it would be a two-part film but the production house has confirmed that it will be released in a single part.

Initially, it was decided by the film’s director Arun Matheswaran that it will be a two-part release, although the director has turned back on his decision. What prompted this turn back is unknown, though the film’s production house Sathya Joti Films has only said that the film will come out in one part.

The movie is set in the 1930s-1940s in British India and follows an outlaw called Miller who engages in bloody loots, heists and assaults. While the plot is still unclear, apparently Miller will have to confront the things he has been running from for a very long time.

A two-part release simply means that the feature has a lot to unpack and can’t be done in one film, mostly due to it becoming extremely lengthy in runtime.

As such, when something comes out in two parts, the second part of that feature merely picks up from the cliffhanger of the first one and is released in a matter of months.

The movie marks the first time that the Grey Man star has collaborated with the Rocky (2022) director. Captain Miller will hit theatres on December 15.

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