Baipan Bhari Deva had a different name before it came to me says, producer Madhuri Bhosle

The film is directed by Kedar Shinde and produced by Jio Studios
Producer Madhuri Bhosle
Producer Madhuri Bhosle

From the film's title change to risking her production debut to be delighted in receiving the overwhelming response from the audience for the recent Marathi blockbuster Baipan Bhari Deva, producer Madhuri Bhosle spoke to Film Companion in an exclusive interview.

“When we started with this film at the beginning of my journey, this film came to me by different name,” said Bhosle in the interview, “the name was ‘Mangalagaur’ and over a period of time all of us thought, Kedar and the rest of the team, we thought this film has become more than just 'Mangalagaur' and in one of our session Ajit (who co-produced the film) just came with this name ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’ and that was the starting point with this film,” she said.

While talking about the risk behind choosing a film, to produce which has an older cast was tough and risk taking but Bhosle says she was impressed with the conviction, director Kedar Shinde had for the film, “This is my first film so obviously there was a thing at the back of my mind that what sort of film is this going to be, the actor, cast is an older cast, all women, but the story was so brilliant, Kedar the kind of passion, the kind of conviction he came with, his face used to lit up when he used to talk about the film. I don't think there was ever any moment where I was unsure of this film. It was the right film for me to start my Marathi career or my Marathi production career with, it was the right film to be associated with. For me this film is going to be my first love forever.” the producer concluded.

Baipan bhari Deva directed by Shinde released in cinemas on June 30. The film has recorded a total of 57.15 crores in 20 days and is still counting.

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