Roshan Mathew On Working With Prithviraj In Kuruthi

“Kuruthi probably happened to me because of Kappela,” says the actor.
Roshan Mathew On Working With Prithviraj In Kuruthi

Roshan Mathew last appeared in Rani from anthology film Aanum Pennum. His new film, Kuruthi, starring Prithviraj, is releasing on Amazon Prime Video on 11 August. In this interview with Varadh Krishna Prakash, the actor talks about his expectations for Kuruthi and why he's excited to work with Prithviraj again. Edited Excerpts…

What are your expectations for Kuruthi?

My expectations are high and usually it doesn't happen. So, I keep myself in a neutral space. I had a lot of fun shooting Kuruthi. Somehow, it's hard not to be excited (laughs). 

This is my second time working with Raju ettan (Prithviraj) and it was lovely. I was waiting to work with him again. I got more than I expected. It was inspiring working with him: the energy and dedication he brings to every single shot. He never goes down on energy and that's inspiring, especially considering the number of films he's done. 

Kuruthi is coming out on Amazon Prime Video. Were you hoping for a theatrical release? 

Yeah, because I always thought Kuruthi would make an exciting theatrical experience. When they were open for a while, we thought of a theatrical release. But in the current situation, we had to make some sacrifices. We wanted the audience to watch the movie safely instead of risking their health. 

If you had to choose between Aanandam and Kappela, two films that gave you a lot of recognition, which one would it be? 

That's very tough. But Kuruthi probably happened to me because of Kappela. I was in contact with Raju ettan after Koode. He texted me after watching Kappela that he enjoyed it. So, I think I got a call for Kuruthi because of it. They didn't even want me to audition for my role in Aanandam. It was a special moment. So, yes, Aanandam is closer to my heart. 

You've worked with stars like Nivin Pauly, Fahadh Faasil, and Prithviraj. Now, you're working with Vikram for Cobra. Could you talk about working with these actors?

Nivin treats everyone equally without effort. It's who he is. It would feel like we're with a friend with whom we researched in a theatre circuit for months. It's very difficult to find. With Fahadh, he constantly tries to outdo himself. He has the drive to keep learning. Prithvi etta gives importance to basic values like being punctual, respecting coactors and creating a healthy work environment. It comes naturally to him. 

I'm working with Asif Ali now and he's another person who influences his co-actor a lot. I'm waiting to go back to shoot my scenes with him. I'm shooting some sequences with Vikram in Cobra and his humility is really unbelievable.

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