Kuruthi Trailer Talk: Prithviraj’s Next Thriller Looks Like A Battle Between Communities And The Aftereffect Of Hatred, Film Companion

A week before the release of Prithviraj’s Kuruthi, on August 11, the team released a slick trailer that revealed a little more in terms of plot and setting. The two-minute trailer opens with several shots of doors being kicked open or being bolted shut. The haunting theme also adds to the ominous nature of the cut as though as though groups of people are getting ready for an attack. Sickles are being readied and so are blades, pistols and big double barrels.

Prithviraj’s character says, “this is an issue between communities.” From first watch, it is clear that this issue is between Hindus and Muslims. Mammukoya’s character too adds and says, “there are only two things than the human race have been during since the start of time…fighting and then killing each other.”

With the trailer ending with the aforementioned doors shutting again, it gives us an idea that the film could be modelled around the format of a home invasion thriller, arguably based on the idea of vengeance between religious groups.

It also gives us a little more by suggesting that Prithviraj and Roshan Mathew will be playing Muslim characters, Murali Gopi playing a policeman and Srindha playing a Hindu character. The talk of 24 people being murdered too suggests a revenge angle.

Along with Jakes Bejoy’s booming theme, the trailer adds to the excitement for a thriller with deep political subtext.

Watch the trailer here:


Kuruthi (ritual slaughter) is directed by Manu Warrier. It is written by Anish Pallyal and produced by Supriya Menon. Apart from Prithviraj, the film also stars Murali Gopy, Roshan Mathew, Shine Tom Chacko and Srindaa in supporting roles.

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Jakes Bejoy composed the original songs and background score for the direct OTT release. The director, Manu Warrier, had earlier made the Hindi film Coffee Bloom apart from having written a  television series called Yudh.

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