MAMI 2016: A Late Bloomer’s Big Movie Moment, Film Companion

Filmmaker Milind Dhaimade’s debut feature You are my Sunday (Tu Hai Mera Sunday) comes 5 years after his short film Prakata Het Yaad, a film in gibberish about a vagabond family that won the Audience Choice award at the Florence Film Festival and was the official selection for the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles (IFFLA). Dhaimade, a famous ad man, has directed over 100 television commercials. In 2010, he founded Love & Faith, a film and design company with his wife. With THMS, Dhaimade has finally realised his dream of 22 years of making a feature film.

Excerpts from a quick chat:

His cinematic journey

It began in my first year in college when I accidentally bumped into theatre. After that I only attended one lecture in the next five years. After college, I joined advertising as a copywriter and 12 years down the line, I realized, at the top of the ladder, that there are more administrative challenges and fewer creative challenges. I wanted to make films and I knew it like I know hunger.

The story behind You Are My Sunday

It always struck me how exhausting the process of making money is and how a large part of our life goes behind chasing it. The things we love to do are always sidelined for later. We’re proud of our high-rises and the construction business has become a benchmark of our growth. It’s as if the loss of personal space has become a measure of prosperity.

Vinay Kanchan, a friend of mine, was instrumental in starting a group called “Juhu Beach United” which played football at Juhu beach every Sunday. Most of the players are working professionals from different fields. They play for no reason. Just because they love the game. They play hard and with full passion.

So one day I thought what would happen to these guys, if they couldn’t play football at Juhu beach and had to look for an alternative place in this growing city?   

MAMI 2016: A Late Bloomer’s Big Movie Moment, Film Companion

Why the film holds universal appeal

Though football is the starting point of the film, it’s only the backdrop. The story is about space seen from the perspective of the characters. Whoever sees the film will either see a bit of themselves in this film or will see their friends. In simpler terms people should watch it because it has humor, drama and romance, all the trappings of an entertaining film but done intelligently and convincingly.

The filmmaker he is envious of

When you give up everything you’ve made to become a filmmaker at the age of 48, you’re in a hurry to build your own résumé. It’s really important that I find my own voice.

MAMI 2016: A Late Bloomer’s Big Movie Moment, Film Companion

Freshman tip for filmmakers

Write stories from your life or from things that happen around you. And no matter which filmmaker inspires you, find your own unique voice. And above all take your time. Don’t be in a hurry. You can’t grow as a filmmaker without growing as a person.

Catch You are my Sunday (Tu Hai Mera Sunday) at MAMI on:

DAY 1, OCTOBER 21, 5.30pm at PVR ECX Audi 4

DAY 2, OCTOBER 22, 3.00pm at Le Reve (Inclusive screening for persons with visual impairment)


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