Rahul Desai

A film critic (formerly of Mumbai Mirror, Catch News) and columnist (The Hindu), Rahul Desai writes about everything cinematic under Mumbai's hot sun, including short films, web shows and desi B-movies. When he isn't writing, you can find him in obscure countries nostalgically identifying locations of the films he writes about.

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It's impossible to look beyond Salman Khan’s problematic interpretation of a mentally challenged person - you can feel him coax fans to feel sympathy


Sorry Daddy, Meinu Ek Ladki Chaahiye, Paisa Ho Paisa, and many more. If you've heard of any of these titles, we'll buy you beer


Kenny Basumatary's Assamese indie is a spoof of action, a parody of comedy as well as a good-natured joke on our preconceived perception of alien lifestyles


Inspired by true events, this Large Short Film's mother-son story set in Pakistan stars Rasika Dugal


An ill-conceived and annoyingly comfortable product torn between old-school masala and new-age slickness


Director Rahul Dahiya's film about honour killings in North India reminds us of the India we hope will disappear if we ignore it long and hard enough


The film speaks about that we mustn’t speak of: menstruation, its associated stigmas and the necessity of sanitary pads instead of infection-inducing red cloth used in India’s villages


If you manage to reach the final frame of this Ram Gopal Varma film, the damage to the mind is irreparable