SS Rajamouli calls Mahabharata his dream project, wants to make it in 10 installments

Rajamouli is about to start working on his next with Mahesh Babu
SS Rajamouli
SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli revealed that his dream project is making Mahabharata in 10 parts to do full justice to the epic. During RRR promotions, Rajamouli had said that he wanted to give his own spin to the epic and would start casting only after he finishes the script. 

At a recent event, Rajamouli said that it would take him a year at least to read all the different versions of the epic. He added that adapting Mahabharata is his dream, and every project he makes helps him learn to ultimately make his dream project. 

Rajamouli is set to start work for his next feature with Mahesh Babu. The film would be a globe-trekking adventure and is set to be a trilogy.

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