“Sarcasm comes naturally to her,” Kichcha Sudeep on his wife Priya

When it comes to judging Sudeep’s movies, the actor has an in-house critic
“Sarcasm comes naturally to her,” Kichcha Sudeep on his wife Priya

In an interview with Anupama Chopra, actor Kichcha Sudeep spoke about his upcoming film Vikrant Rona, which also stars Jacqueline Fernandez, as well as his relationship with his wife, Priya. It seems Priya might just be Sudeep's in-house critic.  

"Sarcasm isn't something that she puts an effort into. It just comes naturally. She likes many of my films in parts because genuinely, it caters to emotions or whatever. The rest of them fall under the sarcasm category," he said, laughing. 

When quizzed further about whether the actor has a critic at home, Sudeep said, "No, because I don't ask for it." He then went on to do his impression of Salman Khan, to show that this is the persona he takes on when he anticipates Priya may offer some criticism. "Let's become Salman Khan for a while," said Sudeep. He added, still laughing, "Don't look, just take the glass and start drinking. The person keeps talking and comes to the point."

"After several years of marriage I think she [Priya] has got used to this, so when practical opinion comes, she hasn't lied there. So … if it's not good, it's not good," he said.  

The 3D action-thriller Vikrant Rona will see the Sudeep-Fernandez pairing for the first time and the trailer has already generated a lot of buzz. The first song from its soundtrack, 'Ra Ra Rakkama' was launched recently and has got more than 20 million views in just two days. 

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