Huma Qureshi: Piya Tu Ab Toh Aa Jaa Belongs to Helen

Monica, O My Darling stars Rajkumar Rao, Qureshi and Radhika Apte
Huma Qureshi
Huma Qureshi

At the trailer launch event of her upcoming film Monica, O My Darling, Huma Qureshi said that no actress should attempt to dance to the tune of the iconic ‘Piya Tu Ab Toh Aa Jaa’, which was originally picturised on veteran actress Helen from the 1971 classic Caravan directed by Nasir Hussain and music by R.D Burman.

"Not just me but no other actress should attempt the song for the camera as it's an iconic track belonging to Helen ji and we must give due respect to her craft and her performance in the song which has swayed generations," Qureshi said.

In the trailer, the song 'Piya Tu Ab Toh Aa Jaa' can be heard in the background as the events in the trailer play out before giving way to the title Monica, O My Darling, which is a phrase from the song’s lyrics.

Directed by Vasan Bala and produced by Sarita Patil, Sanjay Routray, Dikssha Jyote Routray and Vishal Bajaj under the banner of Matchbox Shots, Monica, O My Darling will release exclusively on Netflix on November 11.

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