Let’s Face It: 10 Cool Mask Ideas Inspired From Malayalam Cinema

From downright creepy to simply silly, Malayalam cinema embraced masks long before we ever had to. If not to hide one’s real identity, masks were also used to deflect attention, even if it meant wearing an Arab scarf right in the middle of Kochi’s summer in Anwar. Let’s look at 10 other masks that are more appropriate.  

Roy in Nirnayam


Let’s begin with the most basic. Dr. Roy (Mohanlal) in Sangeeth Sivan’s Nirnayam sports a surgical face mask, gloves and a head scarf each time he goes into surgery. Why not recreate the look today to feel a 100 percent secure each time we step out? It may not be fast fashion but at least it will get the job done.

Ashokan in Yodhaa


If scrubs or hospital blues are not your thing, then one can consider this look from the same team’s Yodhaa. Given that Ashokan is blind in these sequences, this mask could have covered his entire face. The climax could have even been completed without the actor’s presence, using just a stunt double. Either ways, these scenes gave us some killer action sequences apart from a great idea for a fancy dress competition. With a few additions, this look can easily become Covid-ready.

A10 and Ikka Fans in Rasikan

RasikanLet’s face it, it’s going to be a long, long while for our next big FDFS experience. Until then, both Mohanlal and Mammootty fans have little to debate about. So why not borrow the masks used in Lal Jose’s Rasikan to keep the fan frenzy alive? Why buy an N95 when you can protect yourself and look like Indhuchoodan from Narasimham? 

The big twist in Seniors


Of the many clones that followed the success of Classmates, Seniors, starring Jayaram, Kunchacko Boban, Manoj K Jayan and Biju Menon, is the only one that made it to the list. Switch the burka from Classmates to this costume and Naren’s musical performance to this seriously artsy play and we have a film that simply tried too hard. At least it gave us a nice creepy fashion option for these times.

Joker from The Great Father


Another creepy option that might do the job is the one worn by ‘Joker’ in Mammootty’s hit action film The Great Father. But be warned, wearing this mask could get a powerful enemy to be on the lookout for you. He might just be a builder but he has a “very particular set of skills” acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like you.

The Karadi in My Dear Karadi

Bear Grills

Bear with me, but if you have to travel, you already know the kind of effort that goes into dressing up in that big bulky PPE suit. If you’re taking that effort anyway, why not put in a little more to dress up like this? A bear hug is something all of us need right now, and that’s an additional advantage of this look from this Kalabhavan Mani hit film.

The Smart BoyZ In Thattathin Marayathu

TM boys  Even if your plan is to save the day and become a hero, it’s important that you wear a mask while doing so. Imagine you have to help your friend get together with his lover and that requires you having to beat up a certain stud named Najaf. A bandana with a skull on it can may come in handy in this tale of valour. But be warned, do not throw your driving licence at your victim, especially if you’re trying to hide you identity afterwards.

Odiyan Manikan in Odiyan

Odiyan Say what you want about this film, but it did give us several options for the post-pandemic universe. For instance, Manikan’s (Mohanlal) first look in the film, with long hair and an even longer beard, is what most men have come to embrace as their lockdown look. But while going outdoors, how about this look for a change? It will make sure we don’t touch our face often and it will also ensure that social distancing becomes a breeze. It’s also easy to drink kanji while wearing it if or when Prabha offers it to you.

Mannar Mathayi and Gang In Ramji Rao Speaking

Manna MathaiIf you live next to a defunct theatre troupe, you always have the option to dig into its costume trunks to dig out this beauty of an ensemble. Designed specifically to not attract any attention towards oneself, this ensemble can be colour coded in multiple ways to make you that international man of mystery.

Aji from CIA

CIAAnd finally, we have this look from Dulquer Salmaan’s CIA to fight the virus. With a little bit of help from Che, we too can take part in a revolution after the stipulated two metres distance has been left between protestors. The mask may also help make a really smashing hero entry when we finally emerge out of this lockdown.

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