Vaishali Dinakaran

Vaishali Dinakaran is a writer based in Berlin. She has barricaded her front door with books. A contributor for Overdrive, Forbes, Mans World and AUTOhebdo. Website:

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In this 1945 movie Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra play sailors that have earned four days on shore for their bravery


This 1967 film starring Debbie Reynolds is funny in parts, grim in others, at times downright confounding, but all through, far ahead of its times


A Hollywood classic you must revisit this holiday season, the 1947 Christmas movie is steeped in wonder, without the traditional cliches of presents miraculously conjured up, bells mysteriously ringing, and the sound of reindeer hooves and “ho-ho-hos”


Introducing our resident classic companion Vaishali Dinakaran who will take you back in time by recommending old Hollywood gems you must revisit. 1964’s The Best Man, a prescient film about duelling presidential candidates written by Gore Vidal, may have foretold 2016’s Trump vs Clinton face-off