Sukriti is a nonfiction writer and researcher with a degree in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia University. She writes about and reviews Virtual Reality films for Film Companion.

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Featuring a collection of VR documentaries and videos, this app by Memesys Culture Lab is a ballsy, beautiful, path-making project


Our resident VR expert Sukriti Yadava speaks to Anand Gandhi, the director of Ship of Theseus and one of the leading figures in the VR movement in India. Here, Gandhi tells us about the future of VR, making it freely available through an app he's working on, and why it isn't meant to replace films.


Our resident VR expert Sukriti Yadava reviews Strangers Again, a love story told through dance by the students of IIT Mumbai. This short 300 degree film tells the story of a boy & a girl who meet each other at the Mumbai college campus. Watch to know how the story unfolds.


The MAMI Film Festival launched a new section on VR Films lead by Shakun Batra. In a lead up to the excitement, Shakun Batra lets us in on what to expect from the panel. From Gabo Arora, Baahubali and Anand Gandhi - here's a lowdown of VR at MAMI 2016.


Watch Sukriti Yadava's review of Bollywood's first VR film, Phobia VR. The film was released as part of the promotional campaign for the Radhika Apte starrer feature film Phobia. The two and a half minute film will leave you gripped.


Sukriti Yadava inducts you into the '360-degree world' of virtual reality films. Sukriti takes you through the basics of virtual reality & all the exciting developments in this space. Follow her series on Film Companion for VR reviews & more.


Sukriti Yadava inducts you into the fascinating and futuristic world of Virtual Reality films