Rahul Desai

A film critic (formerly of Mumbai Mirror, Catch News) and columnist (The Hindu), Rahul Desai writes about everything cinematic under Mumbai's hot sun, including short films, web shows and desi B-movies. When he isn't writing, you can find him in obscure countries nostalgically identifying locations of the films he writes about.

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A story about the misadventures of an upcoming stand-up comic, TVF’s new web show serves both as a frothy dramedy as well as a crash-course handbook about its craft


The film traces the story of a small-town Haryanvi schoolgirl struggling to adapt to the complexities of puberty, both physically and mentally


Shlok Sharma’s story pivots around an affair between a middle-aged teacher and a 15-year-old schoolgirl. But this is not perceived as ‘abnormal’ in context of the village’s culture


Except for A R Rahman’s title track nothing else elevates the benign chemistry between Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor, merely riding the wave of their previous freak-hit collaboration


Stanzin Raghu’s Tamil short explores the oft-abused concept of unrequited, or rather unacknowledged, love. But nothing about this straight-lined film feels boring


Despite all its bumbling adultness, the Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt-starrer does the pop-entertainer basics right: it transports us into its world, no matter how outrageous or flawed


Even if all the actors are discarded and replaced by animated 8-bit stick figures, the plot of this movie would remain as devastatingly coherent


The biggest issue with filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari's film is that it plays safe, in sharp contrast to its sport and gender-empowering subjects