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This year has seen 16 stand-up shows being commissioned by digital platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. We rank them all from worst to best


While it’s undoubtedly refreshing to hear a comedian talk about periods, body hair and bra sizes, Aditi Mittal’s Netflix special just isn’t funny enough


In the last of Amazon Prime Video’s 14 stand-up specials, comic Zakir Khan will have you nod in agreement as he talks about his personal trysts with romance in the digital age


This Netflix comedy special packs in more heart in its 72 minute runtime than a lot of movies are able to pack in double that time


Amongst all the Amazon Prime comedy specials we’ve seen so far, Kanan Gill’s falls somewhere in the middle. It’s good fun, but not memorable


Biswa Kalyan Rath doesn’t let the weight of his Amazon special burden him. His brutally uncensored and relatable material is buoyed by unique delivery


Shot between New Delhi and New York, Abroad Understanding marks the first comedy special by an Indian stand-up comic on the streaming platform


Season 2 of the satirical show starts off bumpy but feels looser and funnier when the jokesters aren’t trying too hard