5 Things We Learned About Vijay Varma in Our Interviews

5 Things We Learned About Vijay Varma in Our Interviews

That Jackie Shroff as an inspiration for Moeen from Gully Boy

"There is a large-heartedness (about Moeen) that I took from Jackie Shroff. I was very happy to see it mentioned in one of the reviews. Because anybody who has been in the gully has got affected by his 'bhidu' at one point or the other," said the actor.

Why he loves The Authorized Biography by Al Pacino

"What blew my mind was (again and again) his understanding of great artists: painters, musicians and his love for Shakespeare. … That was something that I figured you need to learn — to open up to a lot of art forms if you want to be an actor."

How Irrfan impacted his acting

"He did barely anything in that film and still moved mountains. He was one of the masters of the craft, like a magician that could pull out any trick and surprise you. You'd never see it coming."

Why he was scared of playing Darlings' Hamza

"When you play devious characters, they bring some kind of a monster within."

That he is always anxious about how his performances will be perceived

"I remember being petrified on the day She released, I think I was running a high fever. Strangely, people seemed to take it well," said the actor.

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