The long-awaited trailer of Vishwaroopam 2 was launched in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi on June 11. Lead actor Kamal Haasan’s elder daughter, Shruti, released the Tamil trailer while Aamir Khan launched the Hindi version and Jr. NTR did the honours for the Telugu version. The action-packed trailer features a 63-year-old Kamal showcasing his admirable fitness and agility. The shot of him hanging on for dear life after a bloody battle, with a supporting character saying, “Don’t die on me, man!” was the highlight for many. The general consensus, however, was that the trailer could have featured better visual effects.

The trailer serves as a recap of the successful first part, in which Kamal played RAW Agent Wisam Ahmed Kashmiri, on a dangerous undercover mission to eliminate Al-Qaeda ‘Jihadis’. He infiltrated the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and worked closely with Omar Qureshi (Rahul Bose) and Salim (Jaideep Ahlawat) to find out the terror outfit’s modus operandi.

While Vishwaroopam was set in the USA, where Wisam and his team eliminated ‘sleeper cells’, a majority of the sequel will supposedly unfold in India. Of the leading ladies, Pooja Kumar plays an oncologist married to Wisam, while Andrea Jeremiah plays his junior colleague. A few intimate scenes between Kamal and Pooja feature in the trailer, which is sure to remind fans of the star’s legendary romantic image. Andrea seems to have cut her hair, while the other characters more or less sport the same look as they did in the first part.

Ghibran’s score deserves special mention. He gives the famous ‘Yaar Endru Therigiratha’ title song from the first part a cool new twist, with lyrics that go ‘Nyabagam Varugiradha, Ivan Thee Endru Therigiradha’ (Do you remember? Do you understand that he is fiery?). Apart from eulogizing Wisam, these lines remind the audience that the Vishwaroopam franchise is back.

Coinciding with the trailer launch, Kamal held a press meet at his office, which co-actor Nasser attended. He thanked the film’s cast and crew, making a special mention of sound designer Kunal Rajan and choreographer Pandit Birju Maharaj. The ‘Ulaganayagan’ said that the film was not just a sequel, but also a prequel about Wisam’s origins. He added that Vishwaroopam 2’s worldwide release on August 10 would be grand and on par with a Hollywood blockbuster.

The release of the first part faced roadblocks in Tamil Nadu in 2013, with Kamal saying he would consider leaving India if he continued to face political pressure

At the meet, Kamal also spoke fondly about his late brother, Chandra Haasan, but didn’t go as far as to say that the film was dedicated to him, as he felt that his brother was with him in spirit.

He also told the press that as a confident politician, he was ready to face any issues arising over the film’s release. The release of the first film faced roadblocks in Tamil Nadu in 2013, with Kamal saying he would consider leaving India if he continued to face political pressure.

Kamal added that his upcoming Indian 2 would be an angry political film, just like the first part, which featured a protagonist who was unhappy with the system.


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