The Film Companion Game Show ft. Taapsee Pannu | Shabaash Mithu | Sneha Menon Desai

The Film Companion Game Show ft. Taapsee Pannu | Shabaash Mithu | Sneha Menon Desai

In the first episode of The Film Companion Game Show with Sneha Menon Desai, Taapsee Pannu rolls the dice for a fun segment of truth, dares, dumb charades, and a whole lot more. Watch Taapsee get competitive and spill the beans on a lot of interesting stories.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Promo
00:25 Introduction
01:00 Board Game with Taapsee Pannu
01:40 Task 1
02:16 All About You Ft. Taapsee Pannu
03:37 Come Clean
04:01 Elevator Pitch for Shabaash Mithu
06:07 Act it out
06:43 Reimagine this
07:23 For the Gram
08:48 Take Two
10:13 Excitement to work with SRK
11:07 Final Score and Conclusion

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