Shamshera, Malayankunju, RK/RKAY & The Gray Man Analysis | Anupama Chopra | Anmol Jamwal

Shamshera, Malayankunju, RK/RKAY & The Gray Man Analysis | Anupama Chopra | Anmol Jamwal

This week on The Late Take, Anupama Chopra and Anmol Jamwal ( @Tried&Refused Productions. ) are dissecting Shamshera, Malayankunju, Mahaveeryar, RK/RKAY & The Gray Man. Watch the full video to know more.

#shamshera #malayankunju #thegrayman #rkrkay

Edited by: Rahul Krishnan
Producer: Vinisha Tauro
DoP & Sound: Rahul Chaudhary
Production Manager: Vir Suryawansshi

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Promo
00:18 Introduction
00:30 The Gray Man Discussion
01:50 Anmol's take on The Gray Man
02:58 Writing of The Gray Man
04:25 Dhanush's Character in The Gray Man
05:08 Shamshera Discussion
10:26 Ranbir Kapoor in Shamshera
12:44 Malayankunju Discussion
14:17 Mahaveeryar Discussion
15:36 RK/RKAY Discussion
16:33 FC Front Row Announcement
16:42 Anmol and Anupama reacting to comments

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