“I called Vetrimaaran to…” | Janhvi Kapoor Interview | Anupama Chopra | Good Luck Jerry

“I called Vetrimaaran to…” | Janhvi Kapoor Interview | Anupama Chopra | Good Luck Jerry

In this chat on Film Companion, Janhvi Kapoor talks to Anupama Chopra about her new film Good Luck Jerry, what she thinks of Nayanthara's performance in the original, her 'bholi bechari' image, and why she's tired of being pictured outside the gym.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Promo
00:50 Good Luck Jerry Remake approach
04:17 Reference to find character in Good Luck Jerry
06:32 Learning and Unlearning during Good Luck Jerry
08:30 Experience working with new bee directors
09:50 How Janhvi Kapoor selects her scripts?
11:00 Suggestions of Boney Kapoor
13:00 Is there pressure to look hot all time?
15:57 Actor instincts of Janhvi Kapoor
17:50 Observation skill as an Actor
20:15 Janhvi Kapoor on crying on cue
20:42 Shridevi story
21:50 Boney Kapoor loves acting
23:00 Dinner table conversation at Janhvi's house
24:27 How do you react to haters & praises?
27:40 Janhvi wants to do Comedy and Romantic movies
28:35 Janhvi wants to work with these directors
29:28 Working with Aanand L. Rai
30:00 Do you enjoy acting in films?

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