Vijay Deverakonda says Stalled Telugu Movie Shoots Are “Temporary”

Recently, Tollywood producers decided to halt all active shoots
Vijay Deverakonda says Stalled Telugu Movie Shoots Are “Temporary”

Vijay Deverakonda is busy promoting Liger co-starring Ananya Pandey, this film marks his debut in Hindi cinema. Recently the actor gave a few insights on the way the Telugu industry works and the several Unions they have in case of any concerns the producers or people from the fraternity wish to raise. These concerns are resolved and only then the shooting for film is resumed.

According to the TOI report, while talking about withholding all the shoot of Telugu films from 1st August, Deverakonda said, "This is a temporary hold. The shoots will resume in one week. it's just that the producers have decided to stop the shootings for a while to get everyone on one page in terms of remunerations, cost of production and other technical aspects."

He added, "Owing to this they decided to put shoots on hold for some time. Also, we have a system of unions there, every now and then they call for a strike for a few days. Since somebody wants a raise or something else. We all wait till the strike, when they sort their things out again we get back to work."

Liger is directed by Puri Jagannath and will hit the theaters on 25th August 2022.

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