Trailer Talk Of Sekhar Kammula’s Love Story: Where Career And Love Are The Same

The Sekhar Kammula film will release in theatres on September 24. This is the director’s second film with Sai Pallavi after blockbuster ‘Fidaa’
Trailer Talk Of Sekhar Kammula’s Love Story: Where Career And Love Are The Same

After several postponements and confusion, we finally have a release date for Sekhar Kammula's much-awaited Love Story. Along with a new trailer, the Sai Pallavi-Nag Chaitanya film also confirmed that the film will have a theatrical releases. It was initially rumoured that it would be a straight OTT release.

In the trailer, we get an expansion of what one had thought the film would be about. Instead of career coming in the way of true love, here we see a love story that develops on the foundation of career and dreams.

Initially, we see both characters facing their own set of challenges to move up in life or get 'developed' as one of the characters say. While  Chaitanya's character is trying to get a bank loan for Rs. 50,000, Sai Pallavi's is trying to get a job after completing her engineering degree. Reading this along with the earlier trailers, this could also be the plot of the film.

After starting a dance school, Revanth (Chaitanya) seems to be struggling to keep it afloat. Similarly, Mounica (Sai Pallavi) doesn't seem to be getting her dream IT job that 'guaranteed' job security. That's perhaps when they meet and discuss a collaboration, falling in love in the process. Unlike the usual romances where career plays spoilsport, here it acts as a catalyst, bringing together both of them.

The idea may remind one of Ranveer Singh-Anushka Sharma's Band Baaja Baarat, but Kammula's ability to root the film in real rustic sensibilities usually makes all the difference. But unlike this hit, the entrepreneurial brain belongs to Revanth with Mounica being the better dancer.

They meet at this point with their common love for dance being the force that brings them together. Watch the trailer here. Sai Pallavi is  returning to a Kammula film after the blockbuster success of Fidaa.

Sai Pallavi's dancing ability is sure to contribute a lot to the film's central plot line. The dialogue where Revanth tells Mounica to reconsider the IT job, because it's sure to give her back pain and hair loss, is cheeky coming from the director who has at one point an IT employee in the US.

A song from the film, titled 'Aye Pilla', released nine months ago to great success and it has already amassed over 100 million views on YouTube. The background score, culminating in a rousing song towards the end is really impressive too. The music is by Pawan Ch.

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