Tughlaq Durbar Trailer Talk: Vijay Sethupathi’s Singaravelan Is A Scheming Politician With Good Intentions

With Annabelle Sethupathi, Tughlaq Durbar is Vijay Sethupathi’s second film to be slotted for a September release. The film will premiere on Sun TV on September 10 following which it will drop on Netflix. The trailer of the political satire — which shows hints of Karthi-starrer Saguni — was released today. 

It seems like dialogues will do the heavy lifting in this film that seems to track the rise of a low-level political worker through the ranks, thanks to his amoral scheming. The trailer opens with a god’s eye view of Chennai and a mythical-looking silhouette of a newborn baby held up behind a cloth screen — this can only be the infant Singaravelan, the adult version of whom is played by Vijay Sethupathi. We are then shown a shot of Singaravelan with a broomstick in his hand (on a mission to clean up politics?).

But something seems to happen to Singaravelan’s left eye and it begins to twitch uncontrollably and then we see visuals of him embracing realpolitik and getting ahead in the political game. You hear the line: politics is not about loyalty, it’s a deal. We get an amusing shot of Singaravelan rehearsing a vengeful boast in front of a mirror. We also see that he is inherently a good guy and has the support of the people. The final shot with Satyaraj and Vijay Sethupathi satiries the the attitude of some politicians towards Hindi. 

Tughlaq Durbar is produced by SS Lalit Kumar (Master, Cobra) and directed by Delhiprasad Deenadayalan. Cinematography is by Manoj Paramahamsa and Mahendiran Jayaraju, music by Govind Vasantha, and editing by R. Govindaraj. The star cast of the film includes Vijay Sethupathi, Raashi Khanna, Parthiban, Satyaraj, Gayathrie, Manjima Mohan, Karunakaran and Bhagavati Perumal. The film releases on Netflix on September 10.

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