Thugs Trailer Talk: A Faceoff Between Two Prison Gangs

Directed by Brinda, the film is about the gangsters of Kanyakumari
Thugs Trailer Talk: A Faceoff Between Two Prison Gangs

In her sophomore directorial Thugs aka Thugs of Kumari Maavattam (Kanyakumari), choreographer-turned-filmmaker Brinda Gopal promises an exciting mixture of high-octane action sequences and a raw, brooding story. Hridhoo Haroon plays Sethu, an orphan hailing from Thovalai, who is sentenced to prison for killing a person. And in prison, he teams up with a gangster in Bobby Simha, known to be the king of Nagarcoil market.

The story is perfectly set up for a tense faceoff between Hridhoo and the savage prison officer played by RK Suresh. And it gets better as a high-stakes escape plan is schemed by Hridhoo and Bobby Simha. Besides flashbacks of romance and revenge, Thugs also features torture, sparring between different rival prison gangs including a menacing Munishkanth. Sam CS, with his impactful background music, underscores the tone and mood of the film. Will Thugs manage to immerse viewers into its aggressive world? We will find out soon. This pan-Indian film also stars Anaswara Rajan. 

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