Dada Trailer Talk: Kavin Navigates Fatherhood And Love

The film co-starring Aparna Das and Aishwarya Baskaran will be released on February 10
Dada Trailer Talk: Kavin Navigates Fatherhood And Love

Debutante Ganesh K. Babu’s Dada promises to be a refreshing tale of a college dad bringing up his child, amidst several obstacles. There is no dearth of stories centered on exploring the dynamics between parents and children in Tamil cinema, but Dada seems to add a new dimension to this recurrent theme by featuring teen parents.

Distinct tonal shifts occurring in the film are teased in the trailer. The film tries to balance a comedy exploring sex and relationships, and a stirring drama that occurs when society turns against a couple for a misstep. Kavin and Aparna Das feature as the college couple who accidentally become parents.

Also starring S. Ambeth Kumar, and K. Bhagyaraj, the film is slated to release on February 10.

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