A Father’s Pursuit To Find His Missing Daughter In Yogi Babu’s Bommai Nayagi Trailer

Presented by Pa Ranjith, this emotional tale of a father and his daughter is slated to hit the screens on February 3
A Father’s Pursuit To Find His Missing Daughter In Yogi Babu’s Bommai Nayagi Trailer

Bankrolled by Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Productions, Bommai Nayagi promises to be a heartfelt, stirring tale about a father’s struggle for justice, all for the sake of his daughter. The two minute and twenty-seven second trailer is fast paced and evokes the distinct feel of two separate genres seamlessly— slice of life drama about a father-daughter relationship, and a social thriller chronicling the struggles of the oppressed. 

Yogi Babu seems in fine form as a loving father who sets up and names his first business venture, a small tea stall after his daughter’s name. It is to the trailers credit that one feels the emotions of the idyllic lifestyle of the family, acting as a perfect setup for all the mayhem to follow. The trailer rapidly changes in tone, pace and mood as the film indicates the family’s peaceful life being shattered by the disappearance of their daughter.

Run-ins with the police, altercations with the village people, and an arduous court battle are all teased in the trailer, ramping up the excitement for the film. Like other projects helmed by Pa Ranjith, the film seems to use a deeply personal tale as a fulcrum to explore pressing, burning social issues. “The criminals can live as they please. But the affected? Is this fair?” says Yogi Babu. 

The movie also stars Subatra and Srimathi in prominent roles and is slated to be released on February 3.

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