Saaho Teaser Talk: When Fast And Furious Met Fury Road, Film Companion

The teaser of one of this year’s most exciting films, Saaho, is out it looks like a lot of adrenaline-pumping fun. Slick and stylish, it promises to be ‘India’s Biggest Action Thriller.’ On first glance, with flying trucks, fire, machine guns, bikes, bullets and desert storms, it really looks like it will deliver on what it promises. It really looks like the film that will take Prabhas beyond Bahubali.

Even the dialogue about Prabhas’ fans…die-hard fans are sure to have the Twitter world in a frenzy.

Watch the teaser here:

An earlier teaser had introduced us to the key crew (Madhie, the director of photography, Sabu Cyril, the production designer, RC Kamal Kannan, the VFX Supervisor, and Sujeeth, the writer-director) and cast (Shraddha Kapoor and Arun Vijay) members.

The team has been filming Saaho for more than a year and a half. Of course, for a movie of this budget, extensive planning and insurmountable patience are basic requirements.

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