Pathaam Valavu Trailer Talk: With An Accused On Parole At Loose, The Police Are On A Hunt To Nab Him

The film centered around a hide and seek game, followed by a wild chase, will hit theatres this summer.
Pathaam Valavu Trailer Talk: With An Accused On Parole At Loose, The Police Are On A Hunt To Nab Him

This mysterious thriller is based on true events that made people question the basis of moral sense and standards. Solomon (Suraj Venjarammood), a convicted felony who is out on parole goes missing. Police troops led by Indrajith Sukumaran and Ajmal Ameer are sent to find him. 

There is a dark undertone to the happenings in the trailer, which suggests that the film is not just about finding Solomon but also discovering why he disappeared. Referring to the accused who does not return after the parole, there is a comment stating, 'Once they are set free, only a few come back, be it a human or an animal.'

In what looks like a complete thriller, the family revelations of Indrajith and his pregnant wife and Solomon with his wife and a small girl hints at an emotional family thriller. A few scenes between Indrajith and Suraj makes you question their pasts. 

Throughout the trailer, the place where the police say Solomon is hidden is referred to only as 'the place'. It is mysterious as to why the place is not named. Assumingly, it could be the Pathaam Valavu (The tenth turning). There is also a scene where Suraj reads from the Bible that 'You bring new witnesses against me and increase your anger toward me; your forces come against me wave upon wave.' It could refer to the power of police display against him. 

In this game of hide and seek, there are certain eerie moments and thrilling chasing scenes that happen in a forest, among the hills and heavy rains. It would be interesting to see Suraj don the role of a convict. 

You can watch the trailer here:

Pathaam Valavu is written by Abhilash Pillai and directed by M Padmakumar. Apart from Suraj Venjarammood and Indrajith Sukumaran, the film also stars Ajmal Ameer, Aditi Ravi, Kanmani and Swasika Vijay.

The music is composed by Ranjin Raj. The film is produced by Dr.Zacharia Thomas, Gijo Kavanal, Sreejith Ramachandran, Prince Paul and Nittin Keni.

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