Minnal Murali Trailer Talk: Tovino Thomas’ Superhero Origins Movie Looks Extremely Promising

The teaser does not reveal the superhero in full costume, but does not forget to tease viewers.
Minnal Murali Trailer Talk: Tovino Thomas’ Superhero Origins Movie Looks Extremely Promising

Just minutes after Tovino Thomas' big Onam premiere Kilometres And Kilometres ended, the actor, along with stars such as Prithviraj, Yash, Fahadh Faasil, Abhishek Bachchan, Keerthy Suresh and Vijay Sethupathi, got together to launch the trailer of big-budget multi-lingual superhero movie Minnal Murali. And despite the controversies and delays the film had to face during the lockdown, including an attack by fringe groups on one of its sets, the first look does leave you with a great impression. 

Set in small-town Kurukkanmoola, in a distinctly anachronistic universe, the teaser begins with a public announcement warning all townspeople of the activities of a criminal named Minnal Murali, who has not only robbed the local bank but also assaulted local policemen. The man leaves his signature on crime scenes by literally writing his name on the wall. 

From first glance, his superpowers range from superspeed (Bijukuttan thinks he's THE tsunami), great reflexes (he kicks a steel tumbler back into its place) and extreme strength (he lifts a jeep off the ground), apart from sharp shooting abilities. The teaser also reveals a certain comedic tone throughout, hinting at a superhero film that leans towards films such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Hancock and Deadpool.

While earlier reports had suggested that the film was about a man who attained superpowers due to a lightning strike, the teaser hints that it could also be because of his lightning speed. The teaser is also clever to not release a single shot of the superhero in full costume, maintaining the hype and the intrigue until closer to the release. 

Watch the teaser here

Directed by Basil Joseph (Kunjiramayam, Gadha) and produced by Sophia Paul, the teaser did not reveal a release date but given the scale and the budget, it's unlikely that it will opt for an OTT release. The background score by Shaan Rahman featured in the teaser is catchy and will most likely become a highlight closer to the release. Overall, a teaser that leaves audiences with a lot of excitement and some much-needed cheer to look forward to. 

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