Thuramukham Teaser Talk: Nivin Pauly Stars In A Period Epic About A Worker’s Rebellion

Directed by Rajeev Ravi and starring Nivin Pauly, Indrajith Sukumaran, Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan and Darshana Rajendran, Thuramukham is set to release soon.
Thuramukham Teaser Talk: Nivin Pauly Stars In A Period Epic About A Worker’s Rebellion

Thuramukham, starring Nivin Pauly, looks like a period epic set in Mattancherry harbour of the 1940s and 50s where a crowd of workers fought over meal tokens thrown over them every day, with anyone grabbing one allocated work for the day.

It starts with visuals of what looks like a dirty and bloody wrestling bout before we are shown images of Nivin Pauly, Joju George, Indrajith and major characters. They are introduced to us in either state of shock, anger, or rebellion. A crowd bearing red flags listens to the speaker saying the words: This Mattancherry, can we forget it?

Nivin Pauly, Joju George and Indrajith are again shown in action before the final zinger by Nivin's character to a cop: If you are Satan, I am the Devil. He bites his beedi and opens his red eyes a bit wider before chuckling sarcastically and leaving the frame.

Today (May 13) the film was supposed to have a theatrical release before it was disrupted by the pandemic's second wave. The film's producer Sukumar Thekkepat has insisted that the film will still have a theatrical release first. 

Thuramukham is directed by Rajeev Ravi (who is also the cinematographer) and written by Gopan Chidambaram, based on a play by KN Chidambaram. B. Ajith Kumar is the editor The film also stars Indrajith Sukumaran, Arjun Ashokan, Joju George, Poornima Indrajith, Nimisha Sajayan, Darshana Rajendran and Sudev Nair. The film premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021.

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