Elaveezhapoonchira Trailer Talk: A Police Drama That Unfolds In A Hillstation

Starring Soubin Shahir as a cop stationed at a wireless police station, Elaveezhapoonchira revolves around a murder mystery.


The trailer of Elaveezhapoonchira introduces Soubin Shahir as Madhu PM, a small time cop stationed at a wireless police station amidst the hills in Kottayam. When a murder happens in the sleepy hillstation, Madhu is put to work, as he gradually begins to learn his purpose as a cop.

“What’s it that you want to know when you hear about a murder?” Madhu places a question a few minutes into the trailer. “It is not the murderer, but the motive behind the crime that I want to know,” he says. The film, which unfolds in the real town of Elaveezhapoonchira near Thodupuzha, makes use of the hilly terrain to add a layer of tension to the film’s crime-laced plot.

The trailer also suggests that the storyline revolves around a missing woman’s case, setting the cops on a chase against the clock. The film also co-stars Sudhy Kopa, Jude Antony Joseph, Vincent Vadakkan and Jithu Ashraf, among others.

You can watch the trailer here:

Directed by Shahi Kabir, the Malayalam film has been written by Nidhish G and Shaji Maraad, and produced by Vishnu Venu. While Anil Johnson has composed the film’s music, Manesh Madhavan has cranked the camera.

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