Mahaveeryar Trailer Talk: Nivin Pauly Plays A Godman In This Fantasy Film, Film Companion

Mahaveeryar is a fantasy drama set in the period of kings and queens. In this intriguing teaser, Nivin Pauly plays a godman. Asif Ali, Lalu Alex, and Shanvi are a part of the royal family. The teaser shows glimpses of different characters but it doesn’t give away details about the plot. 

The lighting plays a significant role in revealing the characters and locations—a silhouette shot of a horse rider, sun shining bright on Nivin Pauly’s face, a shot of the palace at dusk, etc. There is also a court scene set in the modern era.

Though it is in modern times, the king’s soldiers, servants and a huge throne are present in the court, indicating some play with time and history.  The teaser presents us with a mix of fantasy, courtroom proceedings and history. 

You can watch the teaser here:

Mahaveeryar is directed by Abrid Shine. The story was penned by M Mukundan. Apart from Nivin Pauly, the film also features Asif Ali, Lal, Lalu Alex, Siddique and Shanvi. Nivin Pauly and Asif Ali are teaming up after a decade, they were last seen together in Sevens (2011)

The film is produced by Nivin Pauly, PS Shamnas and Abrid Shine. The music is composed by Ishaan Chhabra.

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