John Luther Trailer Talk: Jayasurya Investigates A Series Of Missing Cases In This Crime Thriller, Film Companion

The thrilling trailer of John Luther opens up on a rainy night with a motorbike accident. When a mini lorry hits a bike, one of the two individuals in the bike, named Reji, dies. While we do not know what happens to the other person or the lorry driver, this accident has something to do with a set of crimes that take place one after the other.

Following the accident, in a span of few days, three missing cases are filed within the same jurisdiction. It looks like these four events are somehow connected. The police, led by Jayasurya, suspect that there is more to these missing cases. During the investigation, in what appears to be a shoot-out, Jayasurya’s right ear gets damaged and his hearing ability is affected. With the trailer emphasizing on his hearing problem and the title card having a ear symbol, it looks like the hearing issue is crucial to the plot.

The plot line seems to be centered around his personal struggles and how he unravels the mysteries surrounding the missing cases.

You can watch the trailer here:


John Luther is written and directed by debutant Abhijith Joseph. Apart from Jayasurya, the film also stars Deepak Parambol, Siddique Athmeeya Rajan, Drishya Raghunath, Pramod Velliyanad, Sreelakshmi and Sivadas Kannur. It is produced by Thomas P Mathew. The music is composed by Shaan Rahman.

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