Aarkkariyam Trailer Talk: Biju Menon's Chaachan Is Intriguing and Yet Endearing

Biju Menon and Parvathy Thiruvothu come together for the first time in Aarkkariyam. The teaser, launched in January by Kamal Haasan, featured characters navigating the lockdown in 2020 during the pandemic. It seemed like a story of a couple stuck in Kerala during the lockdown and their experiences with an old man.

The trailer gives us a few more clues. Shirley (Parvathy Thiruvothu) seems to be visiting what seems to be her elder relative (Biju Menon) with her husband, and they get stuck during the lockdown. Chaachan (which is what Shirley calls him) seems like a difficult old man. He is shown as not just god-fearing, but also as fatalistic (he asks Shirley to leave everything to God’s hands and stay calm), which somehow appears to add to the couple’s tension. But he doesn’t always appear serious; he jokes in a droll manner and mocks his old students (it looks like he used to be maths teacher).

It looks like his character thaws only when he faces what appears to be an urgent financial need. He becomes more animated and vocal, compared to earlier shots in the trailer. The trailer ends with a hint that Biju Menon’s character has understood something about his own past through his experiences with the couple.

We aren’t shown specifics around Shirley and her husband (played by Sharaf U Dheen). The trailer appears to be designed to build a mystique around Biju’s Menon’s character, giving the impression that the film is primarily his journey.

While the film wrapped in November, it has found a release date in April 3. It’s directed by Sanu John Varghese, who has credits as a cinematopher for Vishwaroopam 2, Android Kunjappan Version 5.25, and Jersey. It is produced by Santhosh T Kuruvilla and Aashiq Abu. The film is written by Sahu John Varghese with Rajesh Ravi and Arun Janardanan.

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