Pehlwaan Trailer Talk: A Star-Fuelled Sports Drama

The multilingual sports drama starring Sudeep releases on September 12th.
Pehlwaan Trailer Talk: A Star-Fuelled Sports Drama

The trailer for sports drama Pehlwaan is here.

Following the current trend of multilinguals in search of the 'pan-India film', the Kannada movie (original title Pailwaan) from director Krishna has been dubbed for release in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.

In what feels reminiscent of Salman Khan-starrer Sultan, the film follows a small-town Akhada wrestler (Kannada cinema star Sudeep) who fails to make it to the big leagues, until he finally gets another chance in the ring as a boxer. It's safe to say we can expect a rousing underdog story, wrestling matches, and plenty of training montages. The film also stars Suniel Shetty as the coach, a mainstay in any boxing film.

Pehlwaan seems like a big mainstream entertainer packaged as a sports drama; we are given glimpses of Sudeep fighting off a bunch of baddies outside the ring, who go flying in various directions in true exaggerated commercial cinema fashion.

Pehlwaan is set to release on 12th September, you can watch the Hindi trailer below:

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