A Last Supper? Kamal Haasan’s 232nd Film, Directed By Lokesh Kanagaraj, Titled ‘VIKRAM’

The actor-politician will also be producing this film under his banner Raaj Kamal Films
A Last Supper? Kamal Haasan’s 232nd Film, Directed By Lokesh Kanagaraj, Titled ‘VIKRAM’

On Kamal Haasan's 66th birthday, the team of his latest announced the title of his 232nd film — Vikram. The actor-politician will also be producing this film under his production banner Raaj Kamal Films.

The stunning two-minute-teaser slowly reveals a mysterious man as he gets ready for what seems to be a very special set of visitors. Set inside a log cabin, in a place that resembles Ooty or Kodaikanal, we first see this person boiling rice, as though he is preparing a big feast. And as he gets ready, we also see him loading dozens of guns, including a sawn-off shot gun, and hiding them in different places within this cabin.

Later, we also see these visitors (their faces are covered), some policemen, others politicians, sitting around a large dining table, getting ready for the feast. It ends with the camera zooming in on Kamal Haasan's face as he says, "Shall be begin? (Aarambikalaama?)".

At first glance, it appears to be a home invasion thriller. But given the way these 'guests' enter, it seems more like a message to the audience on what he aims to do to the 'corrupt'.

Watch the teaser here:

For those who might not be aware, Kamal has already starred in an action film called Vikram back in 1986.

Earlier in September, Kamal Haasan had revealed that his next, after Shankar's Indian 2, would be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, with music by Anirudh. Though the title was not revealed then, the announcement poster came with the tag line "Once upon a time, there lived a ghost," with a silhouette of Kamal, made up of pistols.

Back then, speculation was rife that the film would be titled Evan Endru Ninaithaai, and there were several reports confirming this.

Earlier this week, director Lokesh Kanagaraj spoke to Film Companion and explained why there were so many delays in the updates of his film Master, starring Vijay. He said, "I feel I need to clarify a bit about what's happening with Master. I need to take one minute to talk about it. A lot of people have been asking for updates and all of us who are a part of the Master team have taken cognisance of these requests. It's not that we haven't seen them and it's not that we're delaying these updates purposely. The prime reason why we as makers cut a trailer or a teaser is to get the fans and the audiences to celebrate the star and the film. It's purely for that purpose. Just like how there are so many fans who are disappointed in not being able to get a glimpse of the film even after waiting for so long, we too are equally or even more upset that we're not able to show anyone what we have worked so hard to create. It's a terrible feeling and that's what we are facing right now."

"Having said that, we feel that there's no logic to releasing a teaser or a trailer when there's still no clarity on when this film would finally release in theatres. Releasing a trailer at such a point will not support the film in any way. But now that we're hearing a lot of good news about theatres finally opening up, we too have begun to start thinking positively and it is obvious that the audience will keep getting regular updates from the Master team. I felt I needed to convey this to Vijay sir's fans."

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