Kaduva Teaser: Prithviraj Returns To Classic 90’s Mass In This Shaji Kailas’ Movie

Kaduva is expected to release in theatres in early 2022
Kaduva Teaser: Prithviraj Returns To Classic 90’s Mass In This Shaji Kailas’ Movie

The new teaser of Prithviraj's teaser wastes no time shouting (or roaring) its intentions. With a dialogue playing in the background, we see Prithviraj walk out of an old Mercedes Benz confessing to a priest that he prefers the Old Testament to the new. His reason is that it states "tooth for a tooth…eye for an eye". From this, we get an idea that the film is both set in the 90's and that it would use Idukki and Kottayam as its terrain.

In true 90's Shaji Kailas style, we see his character beating a police officer to pulp as the officer's cap tumbles multiple times as though to hint that the law and order has no place in this rugged land. This also sets the mood for a battle that is obviously between Prithviraj's character and a senior police officer (said to be played by Vivek Oberoi). Given that the director has made several classics in this genre, it will be fun to see how nostalgia plays out in a film where 90's is important in terms of story and the storytelling.

Prithviraj plays Kaduvakunnel Kuruvachan in this mass action film which is also said to have elements of a family drama.

Watch the teaser here:

Apart from Prithviraj, the film also stars Vivek Oberoi and Samyukta Menon. This will be Vivek Oberoi's second role in Malayalam after the success of Mohanlal's Lucifer.

The script is by Jinu V Abraham and it's being shot by Sujith Vasudev. Jakes Bejoy has composed the film's songs and background score. After Kuruthi, Kaduva too has been produced by Prithviraj Productions.

It is the star's second film with Shaji Kailas after the Godfather-inspired Simhasanam. Interestingly, Kaduva is not the only the new film that is based on the same lead character. Suresh Gopi's Ottakkomban, in which he plays Parelppadathu Kuruvachan, is also said to be based on a real life Pala resident named Kuruvinakunnel Kuruvachan.

Last year, the writers of Kaduva had filed a plagiarism case against makers of Ottakkomban. The shoot of the Suresh Gopi film resumed after a Judge ordered changes to the script. The teaser only says 2022 in terms of a release date.

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